Qelbree is a once-a-day non-stimulant attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) medication for adults and kids. As art director on the project, I conceptualized and lead the strategy and direction of a bold new campaign for adult treatment. Along with my team at Digitas Health, I produced a refreshing approach to the pharma landscape and threw some attitude into the mix for good measure.

At the core of our story is a drug treatment that keeps adults moving forward in their lives and present in their goals. ADHD won't completely disappear and elicit immediate smiles and dancing on a beach like every other pharma ad. This ad treatment embodies a realistic approach to living with ADHD while keeping your direction. I broke down Qelbree's signature diamond from its logo mark and transformed it into a beacon, pathway, and compass all rolled into one. The forms of the linework evoke a sense of movement and animation while also framing the feature subject as the hero of their own specific ADHD journey. Inspired in part by Mario Kart's Rainbow Road? Maybe. Conceptualized with a healthy dose of anti-perfect-pharma-utopia authenticity in mind? Definitely.

  • Another concept approach explored was to encapsulate the message of adults living with ADHD creating their own molds with Qelbree treatment. I illustrated unique silhouettes for each subject using vibrant brand colors to convey this and to emit a beauty in the bespoke. Paired with handwritten font, imagery featuring warm natural light, and personal statements of affirmation, this take on ADHD treatment is for the mindful trailblazers.