UVA Batten



As lead designer of the project, I undertook the task of redesigning the robust website for The Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy at the University of Virginia. From user research, conceptualization, and wireframes to visual design, development, and deployment, I owned every phase of the creative process with my team at Karma Agency.

    Due to the size and scope of the project, a strategic move I made was to create a library of content modules, designed for every instance across the site, so that the site could be populated in the most efficient and consistent way possible. As with everything, it started with a sketch, and soon those sketches transformed into a full wireframe library. Each of these modules was then re-skinned with visual design.

  • Once the wireframes were in place, it was time to translate the brand identity for a fresh digital experience. To establish a design system, I created a UI kit and digital style guide to serve as the primary resource of art direction for the website.

  • After the UI kit was established, it was off to the races with the webpage designs. I began by designing four main page types to start and to also serve as templates for future pages. These included a homepage design, a secondary page design, a tertiary page design, and a quaternary page design for utility-based moments and information. The webpages were then translated into responsive, mobile layouts.

  • As a final touch to the visual design language, I created a series of webpage hero banners, using shapes and graphics pulled from exisiting brand marketing materials. These helped to create a sense of variety among the many tertiary pages being developed on the website.